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January 28, 2013


Thanks for the awesome tip Drew - simple yet effective :)

Without tweeting it, how do you determine the URL for the Vine video to use it as in your second example?

@Scott - the only way you can see the URL is if your video has been shared outside of Vine. Ie Twitter or Facebook. Once you have the URL then you can share it anywhere, but the Vine app doesn't show you the URL right now

Hi Drew - Thank you for this info. I couldn't get Twitter's code to load and yours worked. I think it looks more "arty" for my blog Dog Art Today, too. http://dreamdogsart.typepad.com/art/2013/01/dogs-on-vine-not-just-porn.html

Thanks Drew,

This is an amazing tip. I've used this in a 'How To' in my blog.



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