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December 21, 2010


Drew, The Economist's piece is a gross misrepresentation. That's the simple fact. I too grew up in the dot-com days - and it was a far cry from the coal mines. My own response here: http://bit.ly/flaF34

Drew, your response to the terribly misinformed and contumelious Economist article, much like Frank's own response, is precisely why this profession continues to demonstrate such clear value for businesses and the public. As you know, PRSA has fervently spoken out against this piece (http://bit.ly/gJtUOB), one we feel lacked any sort of comprehensive perspective about PR's true value in the modern business world.

It's certainly encouraging to hear that what you see today in the profession bears absolutely no resemblance to what The Economist tries to portray the current state of affairs.

Keith Trivitt
Associate Director of Public Relations

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