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November 17, 2010


drew, how is this any different from facebook groups, twitter lists and google wave? really struggle see the social/cultural/business value of the new network. what are your thoughts?

I admit I'm a little flummoxed at it's value when as Tomas says you can segment or list your other networks for discrete groups.

To combat social network fatigue new outfits have to really make the benefit super OBVIOUS for users to migrate/join, and Path FAILS at answering that nagging question "Why should I bother?" It doesn´t do it pre sign up and I've signed up and it doesn´t do that after sign up.

I don't think it's enough just expect early adopters to do their advocacy and go there just because the in crowd do.

I'm going to give it some time. When all the good / big social networks of today were a few days old I bet they were a bit ropey, so I think this is a good start.

More functionality, more media, more platforms, integration (and opening it up if users want) would all be nice to see in the future I think.

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