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November 24, 2010


It just seems so extreme. It gives a level of control but then if you are 15 year old living a life that is completely digitally immersed, photos will constantly be taken of you and added (tagged or not), status updates written about you (tagged or not tagged). Your digital life doesn't finished just because you aren't there. Also, wouldn't it also make you very hard to invite to events etc thus ostracising you from the rest of your crowd?

I can't see this as anything more than a niche, fringe activity. But as ever Drew, thanks for trying these things out and doing the blog posts so the rest of us can learn!

Mark - logging off takes about 20seconds extra.

Two clicks, one box tick, then type in your password. Reactivating your account is exactly the same as logging back on. Just type in username and password. For a whitewaller, the extra 20 seconds every time is probably worth it for the privacy and control that you get.

Not quite sure why you would be on Facebook at all then?!

Berit - because it's THE way to keep in touch for whitewallers. Everyone they know is on FB. But they need control. Not using it doesn't seem to be an option. Creating better control is... or at least that's what I understand for now :)

It'll be interesting to see if, or rather when, Facebook react to this, otherwise their business plan could go out the window.

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