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November 24, 2010


Interesting idea and one I confess I haven't heard of. Must admit, it seems like a lot of effort to me. And if it catches on I can see Facebook doing something to stop it!

Rather inevitably, you get "The page you requested was not found." Kind of seems pointless to me too. And a whole lot of tedious effort.

I can certainly see why teens would do this. It would make sense especially after a "nasty split" from an ex. Be interesting to see how this takes off and if it gains wider appeal.

Phil - agree. They'll kill it soon

Paul - you clicked when I was offline. Whitewalling success in fact. You should not be able to find me when I'm not online... keeps me 'safe'

How much extra time does this end up adding to your browsing session? I'm guessing the constant activation/de-activation process eventually eats up a fair bit of time...

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