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September 02, 2009


I like the distinction between "social business" and "Business consulting with a deep knowledge of social media". Overselling the brave new world meme just annoys businesses whereas helping them do stuff in smarter ways helps!

As I said on my own blog:

People have always needed help on how to best run businesses taking into account the prevailing social and technological environments and that is all we are doing now. Not a movement, not a fad, not a revolution. Just the ongoing evolution of how to do stuff well given the tools currently at our disposal.

Many thanks Drew for a thoughtful post - it makes a very welcome change from most of the noise the announcement has created! I totally agree that this is about consulting (including research, strategy and execution) first and foremost, with social computing tools and techniques providing a new and challenging landscape which businesses need to negotiate and ultimately thrive on. It's not about 'social media' (whatever that means) and certainly not about new technologies for their own sake.

Agreed. There's a lot of talk in our circles about 'social media' and how it's becoming fused with search and with PR. Headshift are moving into very interesting territory by embedding social thinking much deeper into an organisation. I think interesting things will happen when corporate culture change consultants start working with social media folk.

'Social Business' is definitely the wrong title for it though since this already has a widely established definition which is much more about purpose.

I wonder what a better title might be - "Network Business" perhaps? hmmm, not sure... "Post-industrial network organisations" - that's more like it :)

Thanks Livio. It is heartening to see your approach. My perspective too, having seen the technology and media side of this market evolve quicker than the consultancy.

All the best with your venture.

To me "social business" sounds like partying after work with colleagues and clients.

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