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July 01, 2009


Yep, been seeing the same thing - often when I set up new accounts the followers list quickly fills up with spam and porn.

What I'd like to see is these accounts being REMOVED from the list when blocked...
I don't care if my follow list is some pitiful number if it's real - though I guess some might like the inflated numbers...

Bloody Hell Drew. I clicked on the link you tweeted this morning and I really wasn't prepared for the sheer volume of boobs I saw this morning when looking at my followers. :-)

I just struggle without the alerts to block spammers as I go so it ends up a fairly dull and boring job. gearing up for a cull sharpish though. Becks

I used to spend one day a week going through my followers and deleting spammers. Now, it's every 2 days :( . Spamming makes baby Jebus cry.

So much for the recent Harvard research about men not following women.

Simple explanation for the imbalance, a lot of the 'hot' AVs you see turning up on your followers list sadly are anything but!

I think you are spot on Drew... the levels of spam are making Twitter less and less useful. I like most, regularly go through and delete spam followers.

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