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May 01, 2009


I swore I left a comment on your orginal 4chan post but guess it either got swallowed by your spam filter or lost in the ether somewhere, so this a bit of commentry on that and the recent Time hack.

I disagree that 4Chan is the way the internet will go, it's the way the internet was before the marketeers jumped in and devised the term social media.

It will also be the way the some parts of the internet will contnue to be long after we stop using the phrase social media as it become totally asorbed into the mainsteam.

Such hacks are not new either, there have also been many incidents of various sub-internet culture sites such as YTMND and eBaumsworld having very well organised spats against each other. I'm also thinking of Something Awful and its various forays into SecondLife of Habbo hotel. Obviously this one is far more mainstream than anything else and I'm sure its success will encourage them to do more high profile stunts, if they feel like it - for I think the main difference between 4chan users and propenents of social media is that while the latter are, mainly, creating online to help others, 4chan users are pretty much in it for the lulz.

Information Manipulation (InMani) is modern version of our beloved ancient art and science of Disinformation. On the other side of THIS coin is the propaganda. The manipulations are planned, structured, conceived and implimented in a very hi-tech manner, quite similar to covert spy operations and a lot many modern gadgets are used in it. The computerized manipulation mentioned here is the tip of the isberg.

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