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April 07, 2009


Brilliant Drew. A very intersting experiment. My one additive example is when I was trying to fly back to London during the January snow storms. Google (and the traditional news and info sites it sent me too) was just too blunt an instrument for the quick decision I had to take about whether or not to go to Stockholm airport. Yes Heathrow might close (it did) but what should I do? My Twitter followers suggested there was direct flight to Manchester, which there was, which I took and got back 24 hours earlier than otherwise. Moral of the tale...Twitter followers make an extra effort and are motivated for you if you are in an emergency situation and google remains, well just a machine really and couldn't give a toss. People power has value sometimes over the algorythm

Interesting to see the write up Drew. I have seen from my own limited comparisons that the right time is crucial, Twitter provides finer results from more trusted sources but Google is much more reliable in terms of volume of results and round the clock availability.

Please be on your own guard and proceed only after you get a approval from the doctor. With that completely ensured, the rewards are easy and far-reaching.

So I did this for one week, and learned a hell of a lot from it.

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