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April 25, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with Evernote. It's great, but the inability to share notes securely with a group makes it almost useless for me. Evernote is web-based and can't do this, yet OneNote isn't and can do it. I know it's on the roadmap, but until they deliver Evernote goes from being brilliant to a zero.

One reason I'd love to use Evernote instead of OneNote is the great Xperia panel (usual disclaimer Sony Ericsson is a client).

I mentioned this before, but I a little uncomfortable with your recommendation that everyone in digital PR should check out 4chan.

I am not, of course, a PR, but this is more a public health warning than a recommendation on PR practise.

I do believe that PRs in this space should have a good understanding of subcultures that they wouldn't come across under other circumstances. So should everyone else for that matter.

However, among other things, 4chan is a distribution site for extremely hardcore pornography. It takes two clicks to get to a torrent of a bukkake video, for example. The comment threads contain considerable amounts of homophobic and racist abuse.

I am no prude, but that isn't acceptable either on the political or the legal level. Encouraging people to visit the site is tantamount approval of this content.

I think b3ta or popbitch would have been a far better choice.

Thanks for the feedback Stuart.

Ian - I'm making it completely clear while I'm editing this post that I am not sanctioning content on sites like 4chan. It's their structure and how they change the dynamic of buzz creation that's interesting and why it's caught the attention of people whose opinion I follow and hence made it into this post. In what sense would popbitch or b3ta be a far better choice for this list?

I understand that - and appreciate your edits since my first post. Its dynamics are extremely interesting. That's why we've both found it, and thus I understand why you are recommending online PRs to also know about it.

However, a big 'however', linking to a distributor of hardcore, illegal pornography is a vote. You know that - that's how blogs have become so powerful. This is a high-authority site within your industry. You have voted for the free dissemination of hardcore porn, made it more easy to find and raised the site's revenues.

Why b3ta? - because of stuff like this: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/41475,virgin-pulls-competition-on-b3ta-website.aspx

Bit old-news for you and I perhaps. But b3ta remains on my *must read* list and is not so widely known.

Maybe remove the hyperlink and suggest people find it?

Mmmm... interesting.

umm... and also they are very funny.

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