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February 06, 2009


I think the secret the google posts is that they don't even bother following any PR rules in the first place.

Hello, first of all, i should confess that i'm French... meaning that i might not write everything in proper English... but well, i'll do my best to be understable.
I really think there's a big difference in writings between a press release and a blog post. They are 2 very different communication tools, not aimed at the same public and at the same goal.
Even though I appreciate the blog tone of voice in general (intimate, personnal, funny...), it wouldn't be appropriate for a press release which is supposed to be professionnal, informative in a journalistic way and as neutral as possible. And if i were a journalist, I wouldn't like reading press release in such an informal ton.
Sorry for sounding so traditionnal... but here, traditionnal also means efficient (at least for me!)

I think there will always be a time and a place for the 5ws. With all the information we have to consumer nowadays it's important to get to the point when it matters.

I agree with Toby in part. I think there is certainly a place for the 5 ws but I do take your point about writing style. Its a great way for Google to consolidate its 'personality' and brand identity. Maybe the way forward, at least for the moment, is a compromise situation...

The press release as it has been known for the last 50 years or so is dead. We are a generation raised on press releases, marketing, and flashy commercials. As a result, right or wrong we associate that way of communicating with the current mess the world is in.

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