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January 26, 2009


Good grief!

I don't doubt that nobody has ever created so much activity in Twitter with only two tweets, but blog posts about it as well?

It's like Russell has hit the web with a gigantic gravitational field. He's a black hole sucking everything in.

How long do you think it will be before the Daily Mail becomes outraged at something that he or Wossy post on Twitter?

Publicise certainly, redefine i'm not convinced. I can't see how Celebrities joining Twitter is going to make a huge difference to how people use it other than letting them follow their favourite actor/actress for 140 characters worth of gossip?. Once they realise the opportunity for actual interaction is slim i'm pretty sure the novelty will wear off.

With more and more people I know joining the service I get so many updates it is impossible to stay in touch with the those I value highest. (NB I only follow 180-odd and regular preen.)

With Twitter gaining mainstream attention it is time to allow users to 'manage' accounts...similar to RSS feeds. By that I mean categorising - one stream for 'work' tweets, one for 'news', one for 'friends', one for 'celebs', etc and an option to see all updates.

The service is successful as it is simple and efficient yet I am fast becoming disillusioned with pain of sifting through so much information every daily.

The additional of millions more voices could overwhelm users with noise and ruin the service as we know it. Or am I just lazy?!

Jon Russell, have you tried Tweetdeck?. it allows you to group followees into all sorts of categories.

The beginning of the end. =]

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