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December 05, 2008


I wholeheartedly agree with you Drew. If it wasn't for my iPhone and its ability to quickly review emails and delete them, I'd be stuffed. Beyond that I use a lot or rules to filter stuff and keep my inbox fairly light. I then cycle through folders a couple of times a day.

I think that the enterprise has got to move to social communities for each audiences, so in our case, one for work, and then one for each of our clients, and then others for the media.

Chinwag covered this issue very briefly on Monday. The challenge is that different people have their own preferred channels. Mine's the phone. But there's lot of folk, particularly in the media bounce all calls to voicemail.

Couldn't agree more. Although I've found that when I try to cut down on what emails I receive, I still end up getting my 'fix' elsewhere. For instance I've replaced Google alerts with RSS feeds. This has drastically cut down on the emails I get but I still end up religously checking NetNewswire.

I just think the need to constantlt have new information is a sympton of the PR industry.

yes yes yes. Email is definitely getting more and more difficult to manage, add into that a twitter habit and all the posts in my FeedDemon account and it's impossible to keep on top of everything and still get work done. Organisation is definitely part of the key but in the last few months I've noticed that I've missed emails from key contacts - something I never used to do.

"Humans don't scale" tangent - Tim Ferris talks about our obsession with organising information rather than eliminating it*.

Most of the productivity tools I admire try and take the 'tasks' out of email - don't organise your mails better, try and remove the need for them. Basecamp, Wikis, Google docs - all of these allow you to transfer the effort into a more sustainable system.

* Tim's awesome presentation at SXSW from last year is still available as a free download here - http://2007.sxsw.com/blogs/podcasts.php/2007/03/19/the_4_hour_workweek_secrets_of_doing_mor. I must listen to this at least twice a month as a refresher.

Hear hear, Mr B.

I use many of the same tricks as you to deal with email. But frankly very often the email/me thing just breaks and I limp on making do.

Happiness is an empty inbox. Hell is other people CC lines.

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