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October 23, 2008


Rings a bell for me as it was a cause celebre for the much-missed Strumpette bog:

er, "blog".


It just seems like a load of waffle - but for the sake of commenting on your post I took a look at the blog, and was suprised! It's actually quite nice. Having a picture of a duck on the front page helped (I like ducks). Half of that email would be better left to his blog though.

PS:- Is it weird to post what would sort of be a private email to a public blog?

I'm pretty new to this PR thing (less than 1 year in the industry), but what strikes me is that there is no sense of personality in the pitch. I have no idea what the blog is about (other than the obvious - PR) or why my readers would want to visit it. What is his specialty? What makes the blog stand out?
That pitch was way too long - and standard - for my taste. I was bored by the second paragraph.

Wow. Just wow. It's almost as if Word wrote that pitch by itself based on crappy Microsoft algorithms. Where I work, robotic pitches are strictly forbidden; personalization is key.

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