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September 11, 2008


A combination of three things:

1. I store them in my head. Generally if I have (what I perceive to be) a good idea I won't forget it. In fact I'll dwell on it for days/weeks/months.

2. To Do list using a dead tree notepad. Generally this is a reminder or a 'call to action' for me to implement the idea(s). E.g.

* Order clown suit and paint the eggs.

3. Delicious. If I find something of interest on the web which sparks off an idea or enhances a pre-existing idea I'll save it straight into Delicious for future reference with a specific tag.

I've recently set up a 'To do' filter and label in Gmail. If I email myself with 'To Do' in the email title then a description of what I need to do, Gmail will automatically star and file it in the To Do folder. Once it's been done I un-star it.

The court's still out on that one though.

I think I am rather old fashioned on this one because I use the old grey matter to store ideas. Who was it that said the brain is a muscle and the more you exercise it the better it works?

If I come up with an idea that I can use at some point (and its good enough) it tends to stick in my head.

If I come up with an idea for someone else I will tend to email it to them and leave it to them to store it/remember it/use it. I use email simply because I had a BlackBerry for so many years and not all my colleagues and clients are on twitter/IM.

If someone else comes up with an idea (or says something that sparks something for me) it would usually be through twitter, email or a blog. My filing system isn't perfect, but I usually find a bit of brain racking and googling finds me what I wanted.

I loved the look of Evernote and just as soon as I fix my MMS I will be adding that to my repertoire, so I reserve the right to change my answer and stop exercising the grey matter very soon!

I use notes on my phone for an immediate save (I use a Nokia E90 for the notebook size screen on it) and Yojimbo by Bare Bones Software for notes and supporting materials.

I also an obsessive del.icio.us user, its one of the few products/services that I pr'ed at launch and persevered with

I tend to go for more of the old fashioned approach. Email myself and then store in a ideas file in email. Also, have a directory on the C drive with ideas. USe delicious for tagging things for research and reading.

I use a good old fashion pen and paper for my ideas. They very rarely make it to a digital format, however, unless I'm writing a blog post about it (which I almost never do because about 2 hours after I look at said note, I decide it's silly and it goes to the wayside)

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