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July 31, 2008


Drew, this is an interesting slant on things, which to be honest I haven't really thought about until now.

I tend to do my noising with my little boy from about 6am, my thinking on my drive in to work.

I usually read my feeds first thing to catch up (like now) and then maybe blog later when I can fit 20 mins in - if possible obviously.

My executing gets done in office hours because the work needs to be completed. Then a bit more thinking whilst listening to the latest news on the way home.
Followed by some major noising and laughing with my little boy again before he goes to bed when I try a get a tiny bit of drinking in to keep me sane.

Thanks for this, to be clear, I blog AND read as much as I can in this space.

For example it's 3am and I'm reading this great blog!

Cool blog and something to think about. I intend to run a survey in the office to see how different my breakdown is to my colleagues

Jeremiah - I'm honoured to have you stop by. Cheers fella!

Chris and Paul - thanks for sharing your routines (nice blog mention Paul.)

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