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March 28, 2008


Which one will you be using - Google Reader, Technorati or Blogpulse?

I'll be sticking with Google Reader for the moment...

I've generally found Google to be pretty good at picking up almost everything.

It's like a lot of technologies now, they've been refined and improved so much that further improvements are likely to go almost unnoticed

Google is pretty good, but it used to miss changes to peoples blogrolls for example, or sidebars. It only picks up post titles and content. I think like you said Richard, they've gotten better.

So Ben, I'll stick with Google Blog Search for my tracking, and Bloglines for my feed reader (although Twitter's eating into that a lot)...

I use Google Blog Search for the most part. It picks up (almost) everything. The only thing I use technorati for is to find trackbacks for the client's URL. Occasionally it will pick up a post that Google missed, but not often. It's also a good way to demonstrate the link building that should be a part of a campaign's deliverables.

Hi Drew,
I hear a lot of PR pros who start out with these tools which work ok for a low volume of content. Most PR pros I talk to who do monitoring, crisis management or social media engagement find themselves wanting a better solution because they end up spending too much time with the manual work (cutting/pasting, counting, sorting, etc.) and spend less time in the high value area of gathering insights and making client recommendations (I hear the term "RSS Reader Hell").

Another factor is that social media is no longer just about blogs so a proper coverage requires directly monitoring many additional sites including video sites, images, microblogs like twitter, social networks, etc. These are all important if you don't want to miss anything.

There are also professional tools designed specifically for PR which provide comprehensive coverage of all of these social media sources, plus provide you with conversation analytics and enabling things like influencer analysis so you can find the most influential communities and engage with them [disclosure: shameless plug - my company Radian6 provides this social media monitoring & analysis tool].

This allows the PR pro to focus on the communications, insight, engagement, etc. I'd love to hear what you think & if you have experienced the challenges above (and how they relate to the volume of content for the topics you are tracking).


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