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February 11, 2008


Is it true they put human milk in the coffee? Eewww

Eb - I did ask - they said it was a joke. Haha!!

I'm liking my comfy armchair. Very civilised way to start the day. Working thru spreadsheets and emails. Come over on morning Jonathan if you can!

On with the coffee :)

Is that where we're meeting? Looks lovely!

And haha to Jonathan wanting to meet there as well. That coffee shop is gong to love you for bringing in all this business.

Interested to hear how this goes mate.

I've found that anytime I need to crank out a presentation or weekend work I head to a Starbucks 'round the corner from home. My advantage - without T mobile I don't get distracted by the internet and actually get some work done.

I think I'm too much of a night owl to ever try something like this... as good as it sounds.

I remember another coffee@ places on brick lane, love it. Ill be sure to go in soon for some revision! Hope to catch you there!

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