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February 11, 2008


I know that coffee shop, I went to university at City 2 minutes down the road.

Hi Robbie. My housemate did too, I lived on Old St for a while in my student days. Feel like Goswell Rd has been a London epicentre for me over the years.

You remember The Leopard pub? Got flattened a fews years back to make way for Clerkenwell appartments.

Hi Drew

I know the coffee shop in question - tis a very nice one and very good coffee iirc.


can't say I remember that one, we used to go to the Bull a lot, back when it had Becks on tap before it got all snazzy. Failing that we'd head into Old Street. I love that area, would like to move back some time.

good luck drew. perhaps that's where we can meet? are you extending to doing meetings there too?

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