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January 03, 2008


I suspect you are right in that Facebook has enough impetus to keep rolling along with its huge number of users without the social media pundit approval. That was certainly the case with MySpace when that fell out of favour.

In my opinion Facebook isn't the final destination anyway, it was always going to be an interesting service station on the social networking motorway. The analogy is good, it was cheap and tacky but full of crap amusements and quite a lot of strange people. So a lot of people are going to be hitting the off-ramp looking for the next place down the road I suspect.

why is it that popular sites like digg and facebook do such things to its users without notice?
I think we need to raise such problems to the attention of public in a more official way...

Like him or not, Scoble has huge clout within the tech community. If Facebook is smart, they should care about what he does and says. That said, you could easily make a point that Scoble did break Facebook's TOS, and he's looking for sympathy by publicizing his woes.

Controversial view but sometimes I feel like the tech community can be like a pack of werewolves. Mr Scoble has broken the site's terms of use so he was in the wrong and something should have been done...I don't think we can be too upset.

I do, however, agree with Typos that Facebook should have had a discussion with Robert first before making the drastic step of banning him. Facebook is a young company so it is prone to such errors, I just hope it doesn't continue to make them because it is the best social tool yet and it will be a shame that it goes wrong after all the time we've invested in it.

I deleted my account the second I heard about it. The straw that broke the camals back, they are the biggest datafarmers anyway.

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