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November 06, 2007


Hi Drew,

Thank you terribly for the mention, I feel very honoured to have made your post.

I'd love to be like everyone else and give you my name, the cloak of secrecy weighs heavy, but then I'd have to kill you and all of your readers and its just not feasible.

Anyway thanks,


Much obliged for the mention, Drew - thanks!

Tech PR in Romania still has a lot to go, but hey - someone's got to at least try to carry the burden. :)

Anyway, I'll be focusing on the subject even more from now on, since I've also pretty much tied it to the completion of my bachelor's degree - so tune in for more insights of our local (and regional) digital PR scene (and fewer references to articles written only in Romanian). :)

Thanks Drew! Cheers. (and sorry for the late reply. I've been traveling all week!)

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