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November 14, 2007


Hi Drew. You've been ARG'd. Iain over at crackunit.com got the same package. I'm a little bit jealous. An alternate reality seems like an attractive option this morning ;)

Maybe ARGing would be warmer? That's be nice :-)

I got one last weekend. It looks like it's some kind of game. Not explored it fully yet. The O2 SIM card that came with it had zero credit so you need to buy 10 quid's worth to get going. An interesting way of pitching!

Hi Neville - did you see the email afterwards? We now have £10 in credit on the sim, and a website talking about a game... seems EA is behind it

It's for Crysis - the new game from Crytek and EA.

From my perspective, I think this was poorly executed:

(a) The initial post item was really exciting!!

(b) The SIM did nothing. Bah! (Yes, it may have done something later, Drew, but unlike some, I have one mobile.)

(c) Next day. Eagerly awaiting new postal item. Nothing... Bah!

(d) Oh - found email in my spam bin which led me to dig through a 'secret site'. That was fun and I found the MP3. They kind of spoiled it by naming it 'Crysis - Final Marketing Spodcast - approved' or similar. Bah!

(e) Is that it? And I am going to write about that because? Bah!

(drat - this comment should have been a post).

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