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September 22, 2007


What do you mean when you say "digital advocacy"? As far as I am concerned, advocacy is something that activists do when they are campaigning on a particular cause or policy, or is the work of a legal advocate. Please, let's not use "advocacy" when you mean "advertising". The two are not one and the same. The advertising industry has already polluted the phrase "word of mouth", so let's not pollute a word used by people attempting to effect policy change.

Hmm. Thanks Suw. Good point. I'm not trying to use the words advertising and advocacy in the same way. But using digital media as a platform to find and encourage the creation of advocates of a brand / product / whatever. Advertising isn't my game so I'll change the wording of my post if it looks the opposite.

Suw is mistaken. One doesn't have to be a lawyer or a political activist to ADVOCATE a position.

Nice blogging Drew.

Your 10m / 100m budget issue is something I've been thinking about a lot recently. Clients live in a funny old world where they have to spend the money they've been given in order to get money to spend next year. But actually being given a big budget isn't always the best thing. Sure you can scale the costs, but is the impact going to grow at the same rate (from my experience probably not).

If only clients would buy: "Give us the 100m now. We'll do the 10m thing, and 9 more like it later" ;-)

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