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August 30, 2007


Drew, but do they really know what the fuck they're talking about or is it classic big consultancy bandwaggoning? I'm tired by the abundance of new entrants to this admittedly wonderful space (and we were all new entrants once, I know) - lots of whom are nice enough people - that are spouting the same shallow, insipid stuff... Talking the talk but not really walking the walk. I feel like a cantankerous geek, but it's irritating fo' sho'.

Alot of companies are keen to embrace this new world of collaborative communications and have very little in terms of experience or benchmarks to guide them.

It doesn't just change the way you market something it makes you accountable to saying, doing and thinking better in the future so the ramifications for companies are huge.

The implications for product development are very real, the danger comes from giving it lip service and not following through on the commitment that you are making to people by having the dialogue, which is to listen and act upon what they are telling you before you decide to do things the old fashion way and rush things out without talking to the most important consultants of all - your customers

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