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August 16, 2007


Argh Flickr! 'Course. Maybe that's above del.icio.us for me.

Let's see how mine updates.

One one side I now mix LinkedIn and Facebook with the networking aspects of LiveJournal. LJ remains my blogging platform (and Semagic my blogging tool of choice), though I also microblog with Twitter. The recent refresh of Plaxo is coming in useful, too.

I still use Flickr, and I've extended the link between messaging and social networking tools with the beta build of Trillian Astra.

Mine are (in no particular order):

- Facebook
- Clicky
- WordPress
- Outlook 2007's RSS support
- Community Server
- Technorati
- LinkedIn


My top five:

* Twitter
* Blog
* Google Web Search
* Flickr
* RSS Feeds

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