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August 16, 2007


Web analytics is a tool which is a must for any online business.
I have been neglecting this fact.
Recently I have started using http://gostats.com,
They provide comprehensive reports.

Wow! How 2006. will try to update mine shortly...

Well, mine hasn't changed much apart from the fact I don't use MarsEdit any more.

The heart of blogging for me is RSS; I feed everything from around the place into my RSS reader and use that as the filter.


While I'm not really in the same tech blogger field, I can relate to the shift in tools from my long-term heavy webuser, working in new media and using the web for social and work perspective.

My core toolset is:

-- Netvibes (RSS-tastic - I have tabs for personal productivity, blogs, friends, etc etc)
-- Twitter
-- Flickr
-- Wordpress
-- Tumblr

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