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August 01, 2007


I was certainly very surprised (and a little concerned!) when signing in yesterday morning. I initially thought it was just Microsoft members affected. Ironically I found it hindered productivity, as I was trying to demonstrate the site to a colleague at the time.

I dunno, looks like it wasn't a hack but a bad build. Either way it opens the door for some other social networks like ClutterMe.

Hmmm, I had three unread messages today. After the site had gone down and I could finally return to my inbox, two looked as though they had been read (meaning they weren't unopened anymore) and the other had disappeared.


All sounds bad. All web services get outages though. I've worked with some and it's never going to get good press. If Facebook responds with some kind of assurance it would be good... or explanation why inbox messages are being mysteriously read?

A friend of mine, we'll call her x, complained to me yesterday that she'd been given the inbox of another friend, let's call her y, in error - in which she found an email to friend y from friend z, complaining vehemently about how x had inconveniently arranged her wedding so that it clashes with z's birthday. Ouch.

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