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January 04, 2007


Bloglines. Ok so its pig ugly, but it works well on the mobile browser of my e61, it is easy to manage and feed by blog roll and its fast.

It's the better mousetrap syndrome, unless something is vastly better I have no incentive to move.

Oh and happy 2k7 Drew.

I've tried 'em all - but can't stop using NetNewsWire Lite.

It's fast, does most of what I need it to for me and you can read it offline.

Plus I've been using it since the first day I learnt what RSS was, and now I'm over 30 I'm afraid of change.

Bloglines is better for BlackBerries too - been using Google Reader sporadically for a few months and it's rubbish at mobile - and is also very slow, as Jon will testify. He saw it live almost crash my mac today.

But Google Reader has so many more functions it's difficult to leave once you're sat at your desk.

Although technically it is not only an RSS reader, I feel Netvibes is the daddy. Designing you own homepage, you can skim all your feeds as well as add other stuff such as your del.icio.us links and google email. You have to be a bit simple not to use this simple tool.

I was a die-hard NetNewsWire fan until I discovered Vienna (I'm a Mac user). It's an open-source rss/atom reader. It's a little bit slower than NNW, but if (like me), you spend a lot of time sucking blogs into a reader, then design, functionality and the feel of an application is as important as speed. I won't post a link for the download but its pretty easy to find.

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