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January 25, 2007


It's not quite as simple as you portray Drew. There's a lot of 'stuff' to consider and some of charlene's metrics are suspect. As it happens, I reckon this works in her favour.

Disclosure: I was accredited in the report as having contributed to Charlene's thinking and have a copy of the full report. Sorry, no swapsies. Copyright and all that.

Drew, Forrester's metrics are pretty worthless as it uses advertising value equivalents to evaluate editorial coverage. This was considered bad practice when I started in PR 17 years ago. Today it's just plain dumb.

Hell, given that the metrics are very arguable and that AVEs have been derided by serious marketers and PRs for years, I'd be asking why the apparent value was so poor at just 2:1.
Gotta love the analysts though for trying to force an analysable (is that a word?) format onto the sector.
The most important consideration though is that GMs 'blogs' are really just corporate churn, with no personality, and no discernable strategy apart from 'look, we do blogging'. It's a pity that Forrester feels that they can put this example up as an example of the success of the format.

In the companion case study about general motors I wonder if Charlene measured the negative impact of word of mouth marketing from General Motors not responding to every comment. I have spoken with a few GM FastLane blog readers and they were not happy with the lack of response. In fact one gave up on thinking of buying a new car. Did Charlene include that in determining her numbers?

You cannot put a value on everything.

Marketers are trying to make marketing a mathematical equation - it is not.

I have been contacted to give comments to a very well respected publication about blogging thanks to my blog; it really broke the ice for me and I will be contributing as much as I can to the magazine.

I helped another business magazine and I hope they will do me a favour.

And a senior journalist from a national has contacted me about an entry. This could be some story if published. (More details, hopefully, on my blog)

I have also had many positive comments about my blog.

How much is that worth?


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