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December 18, 2006


"Will the openly searchable links to his "friends" and their networks help the police? I expect i will."

Go Drew! :-)

Freudian in a very superheroic sense. Cheers Groucho ;-)

I worry that this information could prejudice any court case.

What do you think?

Re. Ian's comment... given that UGC is treated in a similar way to traditional journalism except it's much more open then he has a very good point. I have already visited the site and had my judgement swayed.

What laws does MySpace fall under? Plus if it is hosted in the US will UK law apply. All good questions... that's why they've made him editor of NMK!!

Ian, I think that's a huge issue. Photos, links and rumours are spreading around the media - blogs, news sites and traditional news outlets - and this is going to prejudice court cases big time. But this time I think the papers started it. This story has only really today started to spread through social media sites. It won't always be like this. How long before the bloggerati start ousting every MySpacing crime suspect for hw world to see?

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