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August 18, 2006


Hi there,

The post on my blog, which you refer to above, contains a link to Richard Tomlinson's second blog, which he started after Typepad removed his first blog. Richard voluntarily deleted this second blog some weeks ago, mistakenly thinking that it would help him in his dispute with MI6 and other British authorities.

It appears that Richard has again started a new blog at:


but there is nowhere near the same activity that Richard produced last year, and I guess it is uncertain whether Richard has been broken by the threats he has faced, or perhaps he is now much more cautious about the freedom of the Internet to say everything that concerns him.

We all believed the Internet was an open platform where dissidents could freely speak out, but it appears that for some people there is still censorhip and the fear of arrest.

I heard that this 'new' blog is in actuality a fake? I'm very confused.

Hi Ricahrd,

If yopu are reading this please send to me your new emaial address, i still have ur old one, but i get no access to you.

Keep up the good work, as i said on ur blog, who cares, keep the info comming.

I support yopu all the way.


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