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July 19, 2006


Useful summary and overview, thanks. Don't forget Kami Huyse's list too.

And the winners are:

8 Wordpress
7 (Technorati mentions)
6 Technorati
4 CrispyNews
4 Del.icio.us
4 Flickr
4 (Google mentions)
3 Bloglines
3 NetNewsWire
3 NetVibes
3 Newsgator
3 Qumana
3 YouTube
2 FeedDemon
2 Firefox
2 Google Blog Search
2 MarsEdit
2 MySpace
2 Skype
3 Statcounter
2 Typepad

Hi Drew,
Thanks for the mention. One thing I noticed - your links to JP Rangaswami and Neville Hobson are wrong - they've inherited from Tebbo above them. Cheers!

Thanks for the comment David. the links i used for JP and Neville point to where they listed their responses to the meme - which was in the comments section of Tebbo's blog. I thought that might work better for this.

Apologies Drew... I didn't follow the link and read properly. I tagged JP as well, but Tebbo beat me to the punch!

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