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June 22, 2006


Of course the media monitoring firms don't get it, or even some in public relations. Because it's misleading to view blogs as media.

What about viewing bloggers as people? Public relations: now what's that all about...

Why on earth would anyone use Romeike or Durrants to look for coverage in blogs when they can just use Technorati and/or Google Blogsearch?

I've recently seen emails to an editor that might just as well have been written any time in the last 10 years. Not an ounce of originality in any of them, same old, same old 'Would you like to talk to my client...'

Another telling point. One major software company said to me it has no idea the value of its online advertising with certain media.

At least I know who my audience is. And by the way - Technorati is losing its allure. Hasn't updated a number of sites for weeks. Goodnesss knows why.

Richard (sorry Drew, I seem to have a lot to say for myself) - how can blogs not be media?

People write stuff, publish it via a medium, other people read it. Isn't that what 'the media' is all about? And arguably, blogs are a better medium, because they're two-way. Other people can contribute to the debate via comments, links and by amplifying the topic on their own blog.

You're arguing that bloggers are an audience, rather than a medium. Well, hey - they're both. And while we're about it, 'proper' journalists are people too. People *can* be producers and consumers at the same time, which is great, because otherwise we'd be living in some sort of Orwellian dystopia where information is just fed to us and [continues in this vein for several hours...].

Dennis said: >>Technorati is losing its allure. Hasn't updated a number of sites for weeks. Goodnesss knows why.<<

Technorati's always been incredibly flaky, but I'd still rather search for blog content on there than pay Romeike or Durrants to read 46 million blogs for me!

I'm hoping that technorati tagging will make it easier to find coverage over time, but it remains to be seen whether tags will become a useful filtering system or an unholy mess. I'm inclining towards 'unholy mess' at the moment.

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