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March 07, 2006


i would like to comment on store 2287. i have yet to meet or at least see the new manager. what he isn't a people person at least leslie marshall would meet and talk to he people she is a people person i miss her. that store sucks management suck and they don't care about their employees either. like u really care about my opinion

instead of paying these people o take these supid surveys pay ur employees moe money to take care of their customers i see a lot of shit the employees have to put up with for the company u can't pay me enough to take the abuse like i saw a cusomer hit the door greeter an older lady cause she didn't give im a buggy cause she was taking care of me the buzzer went off at the door i wouldn't work for walmart for all the money in the world walmart treats their employees shitty and the pay sucks fo all the work u do

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