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January 11, 2006


Spin Bunny's back


That's generally pretty good advice, Drew. However, I think you omitted a pretty important aspect of successful blogging (for business or anyone): commenting on other people's blogs.

Personally, I think it's important to divide your blogging time into 4 parts: Reading other people's blogs, commenting in other people's blogs, writing in your own blog, and responding to comments in your own blog.

In fact, commenting in other blogs is such an effective way to build cross-blog traffic (a rising tide that lifts all boats) that I often recommend that people who are new to blogs start reading *and commenting* on relevant blogs *before* they even launch their own. Building those relationships in advance can be a huge help.

Just my take on it. Whadya think?

- Amy Gahran

Good point Amy. But I was outlining how to start a blog, not how to promote one. Maybe I'll do another post on how to promote one.

That aside, I agree with you that comments are important part of the blogosphere, and what makes it more like web 2.0 social networks and less like the old school web 1.0 internet.

Actually, I was referring to commenting on other people's blogs as a prelude to, and important aspect of, *launching* a new blog.

- Amy Gahran

"spokespeople don't have time to get to understand blogging or write anything themselves"....hilarious

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