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October 12, 2004


Um, I'll hazard a guess - it's nothing to do with PR and everything to do with local court reports. Clue is in the story: "The teenager, from Pontypool, south Wales, pleaded guilty to 21 charges of fraud amounting to £16,105 at Cwmbran youth court. Magistrates were asked to take a further 64 fraud offences amounting to £28,860 into consideration."

That's completely not managed. That's the violence of random court cases.

What are you saying about Pontypool? Seriously though, do you think it's good or bad for Ebay? This news is still being aired on Radio and if you Google News search Ebay then you can see the global spread of the story.

I'd say it's not that good for eBay, because it shows that people can behave fraudulently on it - comparatively easily, in this case - and do it again and again.

For all 10 people who don't know what eBay is, not positive PR. For the others who already do but have never been ripped off, perhaps a rude awakening. For those who've already been ripped off via eBay, confirmation that the company doesn't seem to be able to do anything for them.

So I'd say PR-wise, not too positive, actually.

Not anything to do with this conversation about PR, but I saw a news item in one of the papers a few days ago (Daily Mail, I think) re a chap who auctioned a Tesco plastic shopping bag on eBay.

He actually got a buyer. It went for 4 quid!

Neville, one of my neigbours is selling off their old tat on Ebay, and found that, amongst other things, a feather, a cup of tea (without tea cup!) and that very same plastic bag were for sale in the UK. Surely there are better things to buy with four quid?!

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