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August 23, 2010


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Great tips!

I'm just wondering why they haven't launched it globally from the very beginning...

Nice summary Drew. Will use this to explain what Places is all about.

I wonder what the etiquette will be with Places. I've heard the cry of "No facebook photos" before on a night out. Will we soon hear "No check ins" as people try to pretend that they aren't in the pub when they are supposed to be heading home to see their partner?

Despite that, this has huge potential for businesses and particularly events/conferences/gigs. Savvy organisations will want to display reminders to check in like hashtags now appear.

Hi Ross - I like your thinking. "Savvy organisations will want to display reminders to check in like hashtags now appear".

And they can tell customers to show their check-in to get a free / discount product of some kind.

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