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February 09, 2010


Great post Drew. It will be particulary interesting to see how Buzz will fit into the greater picture with Google Wave, as Wave is still confusing to a lot of people and Buzz may become an entry point for many people. Unfortunately I don't have access to Buzz yet myself but I am keen to get a play with it.

From a positioning standpoint, this is a "me too" product. I don't think it will have any negative impact on Facebook or Twitter, which are positioned as market leaders. It's more likely to be a "quiet alternative" like GoogleFriends turned out to be. Too little too late. Enterprise applications are another matter - it may find a niche there.

My mother is already using Buzz - scary.

I'll be looking forward to trying it out too. I hope it lets me import addresses from Entourage. Otherwise, I know 2 people with gmail addresses... I don't know how it could be easier to use than Twitter? There is always a learning curve, and to me Twitter is pretty straightforward. I always feel a little overwhelmed when I log in to gmail because Google is trying to do everything for everyone. To be continued....

Interesting stuff Drew. I don't really use GMAIL that much I tend to have it push emails into my Outlook and I know they are looking at ways to do this too. I am not sure this is going to be as huge as many think it is but I will certainly be watching it with interest. I still find GMAIL to be a bit cumbersome although it does have some good features.

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