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February 18, 2009


Hey Drew - good question. Part of what we do is online PR (especially if you go by Stuart Bruce's recent definition) - so yes, we'd like to be included in the list...

Hi Robin. Stuart goes by the book, then so should we. CIPR is what goes, and it's fair game. if part of what you do is PR, then I'll get cracking on list 2.0. :)

I look forward to it...


Not far off...


James Warnette
Octopus Communications

I fear you might have created a monster Drew.

Robin's lot by the CIPRs definition, 'do' online pr. I have seen some pretty fast and loose defintions of PR by a a number of SEOs, web developers, WOM and conversation agencies of late.

Given the recurrent PR-bashing memes that we see in networks such as Twitter, it will be interesting to see how many are closet PRs and stick their flags to the mast when they see your list.

Let's welcome them to the dark side with open arms ;-)


...nowhere near making your list but I have my old kickboxing trophies/belts to console me... ;-)

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