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January 14, 2009


Hi Drew,

I feel your pain but also understand this from the broadcaster side (I work for ITV). You are right that 'fandom' is the future of programme publicity (I am passionate about that very theme) and it is essential that fans of content feel appreciated - not castigated.

Once broadcasters and producers thrash out mutually beneficial terms with YouTube and other short form video sharing sites who love to showcase their often fairly expensively produced content, then people like yourself will be able to share away. Hopefully we're not too far from that point but as Richard said above, it's a journey. There are lots of twists and turns to navigate along the way.

Ben (ITV Online)

I've started to wonder if the likes of C4 and the BBC employ people to sit at a computer trawling online video sites simply to find and delete stuff. So quick to action and all-encompassing are the Beeb's cease-and-desist notices, I find the idea quite possible.



Shows, and writers, and performers, and producers are "letting-it-all-go" from the outset,

...and, happily, I link to these like-minded creative communities on my online drama blog here


I have a funny feeling that time spent with the shows embedded there is time not spent watching the content belonging to legacy broadcasters. (great comment - thanks Richard!)

This is a great post which brought me to your blog -- and shows how poor the perception is of "value of content"
being rated higher than the "value of communities around the content stream".

In a few years time, will we find that rather quaint???

All the best

I think this is a hard one for the TV stations to get as they really should be pushing their content out to as many places as possible and should have been delighted by the fact that you had uploaded it and were basically advertising their product for them for free! They will all eventually get it but it will take time I guess

Regardless of C4's lack of vision and failure to "get it" surely you had an arguable case of Fair Dealing? Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Sect 29 & 30 www.statutelaw.gov.uk/content.aspx?activeTextDocId=2250249

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