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January 14, 2009



Wow! Who'd have thought it's possible for people to get so possessive about ownership of their content, that they forget, the whole reason they've created it is to draw further attention?
Dang! Thanks 4 sharing this - it just goes to show how backwards Channel 4 and traditional media has become, when they completely don't understand the importance of Social Media.

Typical C4 behaviour. Now here's a company that is currently spending millions on their web platform, engaging their audiences in conversation on multiple platforms yet when it comes down to it, they're pretty clueless when it comes to letting go of their content.

Was the C&D email from C4 itself or from Endemol?

Sadly, this isn't unique to Channel 4. Most media outlets want to desperately play the 'we're down with the kids' card but in truth crap themselves the moment their content appears online via an unauthorised channel.


Oh dear. A classic can of worms for broadcasters and rights holder of all kinds.

Drew: I'm sorry you felt poorly treated.

We're really not the idiots you take us for. We understand the benefits in letting content go free, in "buzz" and in engaging with social media.

The tricky thing when you're us is there are good arguments *against* letting-it-all-go as well as for.

In fact there are a dozen instances of where we're not unlocking the power of the social web; many of them to do with the leagacy of the way the TV industry operates.

We're on a journey here.

Richard (Channel 4 new media)

Hi Richard and Channel 4. Thanks for the response to the blog post.

I completely appreciate you're on a journey and that there are legacies at play. As someone who works in an agency doing something similar to what you, do for companies like yours, I see so much potential. I Hope that soon the people your end who control the strategy vote for saying thanks and stop going for delete when they look at things like this in the future.

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