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December 29, 2008


I only follow 200 odd people, at the moment.

Anymore than that and the sheer amount of noise would be horrendous. If i get anyone who is seemingly just spamming or sending out random tweets, i tend to unfollow.

It might be harsh, but i use twitter as a sort of mini google alert for interesting content that will help me to learn something or develop my thinking behind a particular topic - in this case it's social media and PR that i want to learn more about so i follow a smaller number of people who will help me to do just that!

Hi Matt. Snap, I follow just over 300. I unfollow anyone too noisy, and cut back if I go subscribe to too many new faces, as the volume from 300 is just right for me.

And I also use Twitter as a news feed. In the morning when few people are still asleep and I'm travelling into work Twitter is full of news feeds.

I follow 282 at the moment. I find it fine - as my way of using Twitter is to dip in and out as the mood takes me.

I love it, but sometimes - like this Christmas - i've wandered off for a bit...

Scoble's Scoble. What he said sounds silly to me. But then I'm not him - maybe it genuinely does work like that for him. His experience is so removed from a useful reference point for me that I'm not that interested.

For a few people it's always about the numbers, and often the wrong numbers at that. It's a game.

There's not one way to use Twitter or any of these social tools - but very often link-baity debates like these try to reduce discussions to binary right/wrong discussions.

I'm allergic to them these days and tend to veer off into my feeds looking for something actually useful to read.

Happy New Year, Drew - after four (?!) years your blog is still on my "must-read" list. Hats off to you, sir...

Hi Drew, i found myself in long queues in the sales on Oxford street yesterday and was using twitter to keep abreast of what was going on in the world - much more concise than BBC RSS feeds and far gentler on the data charges too!

Wow. I only follow 70ish and find that gets "noisy" at times.

Maybe I need to review who I follow and why.

Scoble is as Scoble does.


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