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October 23, 2008


I'm not sure there aren't a few people rubbing their hands in glee right now.

This Morning - in every paper, even interviewed on Radio 1, which doesn't happen v often.

MTV - massive plug for the show, also let it be known that Kerry's response to being ambushed was ONLY filmed by MTV, so expect a nice boost to ratings from that, thankyou.

Zoo - magazine interview got plugged nicely, lots of hints that it's a bit scandalous, they get lots of extra sales this week, thankyou very much.

I expect Max is a lot more pleased than he's letting on. The only person who probably isn't pleased is poor Kerry herself, who I do feel pretty sorry for.

Oh gosh, the perfume!!

Eau de Katona.


Still, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand have done her a favour now. Kerry who? And it was all good publicity for her show anyway. It's not like anybody's opinion of her has changed as a result, unlike Ross who may have a tough couple of days.

Interesting also that the producers were criticised for the Katona incident which went out live, while the presenters are blamed for Brand-gate, even though it was pre-recorded and could have been pulled at any time (insert your own joke about Andrew Sachs' granddaughter here). It illustrates that it's not the story that's really of interest to the papers but rather the opportunity to bash the Beeb and a couple of its better-paid stars.

Are PR professionals just glorified baby-sitters? :)

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