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October 29, 2008


I think the FTSE soaring has more to do with the fact the Federal Reserve cut its rate by 0.5% and the Dow making its biggest gain ever on Tuesday (and I doubt that can be put down to the scandal - most Americans would have no idea who Andrew Sachs is). Ironically both stories have been pushed out of the news by this non-event.

The story's legs could be attributed to the fact it gives the commercial media a chance to take another pop at the state-funded BBC, and the added bonus of being able to print saucy snaps of Georgina Baillie to accompany it, to add "human interest", every time.

But I'd agree that there may well be a sense of credit crunch fatigue - a good old-fashioned tabloid scandal & moral panic may be a reminder of the good old days - not so much a distraction but a much-wanted return to normality?

I think there's also the issue here that the BBC failed to fill the 'news vaccuum' itself. The Independent pointed out the other day that hardly anyone from the BBC had actually said anything, from the producer referring all enquiries to the press office, to the senior producer, and upwards. It's just not a good thing, during a crisis, to say nothing! So I'd say this also became a crisis simply due to a lack of crisis management.

Good read thanks

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