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October 23, 2008


It's a horrible, horrible email from start to finish. If someone wants your blog to engage with theirs then why don't they just comment on your posts, or link to what they're saying? It's hardly rocket science. Mind you the blog itself isn't that much cop either, with that line of "entrepreneurs as ducks" - it's all a bit too David Brent for my liking.

Hmm, the fact that 5W represent Pamela Anderson and Snoop Dogg really shows in the pitch:

Pammy = Brash and Fake
Snoop = Loud and Aggressive

Perhaps the PR Exec had been drinking too much Bud when he wrote the pitch, seeing as 5W also represent Anheuser Busch.

Actually, I wonder how 5W's clients feel about being associated with such terrible outreach?


must read... gawker's take on this jackass


must read... gawker's take on this jackass

I agree with Chris. If he truly has something to add to PR discussion, he should just jump into PR conversations.

He (or his team) know you (and everyone else who got this mail merged atrocity) are having conversations in this space (PR for PR people). He should join in and be patient while the readers find him.

But I guess patient and aggressive don't necessarily go together.

Awful email.

(Sorry for the number of parentheses... I cant seem to stop using them today).

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