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October 23, 2008


@matt thanks for the feedback. Agree the blog itself isn't of the same class as what was pitched.

But the email was out of nowhere. An email like this is surely meant to be blogged about, publicised to my readers like it said in the pitch.

Regardless of the blog's possible merits, the form email is insulting. The overuse of the word aggressive is, well, aggressive.

Argh, I hate this type of finger pointing but for some reason this time I did feel compelled to comment.

Just thought I'd point out the obvious - PRing a PR agency to someone who works at another PR agency.

Aggressive, results focused orientation? Yep. Close relationships? Er...

Darika, I hadn't looked at it that way. PRing PR to a PR person. It definitely isn't the first thing you'd consider. Unless you're agressive!(X3)

Hey Drew,
Terrible pitch - so terrible it was posted on the badpitchblog this morning too.

Surely it has to be some sort of 'inside' joke?

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