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September 11, 2008


I use Evernote as it allows me to access my thoughts wherever I am including my phone

I'm going to mention one specific thing I've been doing for years that is more about storing ideas I find.

I am a huge consumer of magazines (yes, those things in print). I devour food, fashion, travel, business, you name it. I love when I come across a page or an article that I particularly connect with or want to remember for future inspiration. But what ended up happening is that I'd have piles and piles of magazines with tabs until one day a friend asked if I was trying to create a new wall in my room. It was at this point that I realised there needed to be a better solution.

So what I've been doing for the last 7 years is when I tear out a page from a magazine, I take it and store it in a binder full of plastic sleeves created for that specific topic. Eventually I started dividing it into sections. My events binder for example has 'dinner party' 'conference' 'themes' - you get the idea. Now I don't have time to do this on a regular basis, so I usually just let it pile up and then spend a free Sunday afternoon to go through it. It has been a indispensable resource for ideas, that otherwise I would have never had the inclination to find again. Perhaps I should consider doing a digital version of this too.

Loving Amanda's approach - that is a seriously cool asset you're building there :)

For me, I tag some things with 'inspirational' in delicious, but don't tend to use it, or email for ideas.

Ideas that come up for work I note down in a normal to-do list in a notebook, and then put into action as quickly as possible.

The sad bit though is other ideas: for me, as an entrepreneur, new business ideas. I have no time for these at the moment, so they wither and die. I'm looking forward to the day when I can execute many ideas.

I wonder if there's a limbo land or graveyard for good ideas?

Thank you guys for your fab ideas ideas.

Hmm. Thanks for the tag, Drew. I'm considering an appropriate response...

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