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July 20, 2008


Love Defined

What is love, but an emotion,
So strong and so pure,
That nurtured and shared with another
All tests it will endure?

What is love, but a force
To bring the mighty low,
With the strength to shame the mountains
And halt time’s ceaseless flow?

What is love, but a triumph,
A glorious goal attained,
The union of two souls, two hearts
A bond the angels have ordained?

What is love, but a champion,
To cast the tyrant from his throne,
And raise the flag of truth and peace,
And fear of death o’erthrow?

What is love, but a beacon,
To guide the wayward heart,
A blazing light upon the shoals
That dash cherished dreams apart?

And what is love, but forever,
Eternal and sincere,
A flame that through wax and wane
Will outlive life’s brief years?

So I’ll tell it on the mountaintops,
In all places high and low,
That love for you is my reason to be,
And will never break or bow.



I think you're absolutely right. Contacts do help.

Overall, I think I was pretty good at pitching (helped by the fact it was a good story) but it wasn't much fun!

I used to tell PRs at training sessions that I knew what pitching was like - after all, as a freelancer, I pitch stories to editors all the time. Of course, now I realise the way that certain hacks talk to PR execs is completely different to the way those very same hacks talk to fellow journalists.

All in all, I learned lots, I'm glad I did it. Briefly. Now I'd love to see some PRs sitting on my side of the fence, and gaining the same sort of insight into the "PRs suck" mentality!

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