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July 30, 2008


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Quite possibly the least glamourous Silicon-based moniker I have seen!

Out here in Sydney this week we saw the launch of Silicon Beach which aims to build a thriving innovation sector out here where the sun shines.

http://groups.google.com/group/silicon-beach-australia which

Silicon Beach...? Sorry Sydney, think you'll find Cornwall beat you to that as long ago as 2004.

Silicon Billabong maybe? Think that may still be available...

In my pre-PR days I spent a couple of years working at the Independent when it was based at City Road, right next to Silicon Roundabout. The whole area felt scruffy and unloved and it's great to see how it's since been rejuvinated.

Only yesterday I was passing through the area marvelling at how the dodgy caffs have given way to Benugo and (less salubriously) a "gentleman's" club called For Your Eyes Only ...more silicone than silicon methinks.

I can safely say that I have very nearly been run over in the Silicon Roundabout at least 3 times. Nightmare of a traffic circle ;)

Helen - Benugo's right around the corner from us. You should've stopped by! :)

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