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March 28, 2008


I agree with Marcel. Once you start intensely monitoring across a range of clients you want to drill down more into social media coverage.
Melanie points out the link building elements, but also tracking yours and your competitor's share of "buzz", as well as spotting trends within those conversations. For example consistent negative feedback around a product after a launch.
All the free tools are great, but labour intensive, and it's nice to automate some of the analysis for busy PROs

Hey Drew - I've come to this late in the discussion (checking unread rss feeds on a Sunday night?!) - but you haven't mentioned Yahoo Pipes - there's some pretty good aggregators/sorters in there for free.

I use pipes a bit to do exactly that de-duping you suggest, as well as bespoke (and paid for) tools, as Marcel suggests.

Hi Chris. Yes I use Yahoo Pipes and it's great for consolidating feeds. A bit fiddlu but good.

Marcel - I think I'm going to write a post as a response to your comment as it'll be too long to go here.

Thought/assumed that would be the case.

Like your new post too - spot on.

When I need to monitor something, I tend to use the 3 tools (Technorati, Google and BlogPulse). Plus over the last few months, I have been using Twitter Tracking, which enables you to follow what people are saying about a product, a brand. Just type "Track X" and you'll get notified with all the Tweets on X.

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